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         he Pérez art museum located in Miami, Florida is a modern beauty designed by architects Herzog & de Meuron. The structure takes form in clean lines and rough concrete walls accented with neutral hues. The building rises three levels high above its lush green landscape. Open terraces equipped with seating provide areas for visitors to relax while taking in views of Biscayne bay and the surrounding parks. Above the terraces massive cylinders of hanging gardens descend from the wood planked canopy ceiling. At the rear of the museum concrete steps lead to an open area near the the bay and occasionally serves as an outdoor auditorium space for screenings and performances. The same materials found in the exterior of the building flow inside. Smooth concrete floors meet with drywall. Wooden stairs lead to an indoor theater equipped with leather seats. Large scaled wood framed windows give view to the downtown buildings, bay and landscape on the outside of the building. 


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