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         rom the exterior, the Parrish Art Museum looks like a modern barn at the edge of a forest.  The Parrish art museum is located in Water Mill, New York and is designed by Herzog & de Meuron architects. Despite the building’s simplistic architecture, the contrast of the structure’s colors and textures make a bold statement. Dark grained wood trusses against the ribbed aluminum roof creates contrast. The building's solid concrete exterior walls occasionally meets with walls composed of vertical black wooden planks running parallel and colossal glass windows. The Museum's first art installation can be seen from the museum’s exterior, placed along the outside wall are two massive LED screens displaying moving waves. On the inside you can find many styles of paintings done in oil on canvas to charcoal on canvas as well as installations. The interior of the museum is clean and minimal. large windows become a frame to the view of the outside terrain. flat white walls meet with smooth polished concrete floors, while above sky lights allow natural sunlight to bean in pass the plywood ceiling. Wooden trusses meet creating inverted triangles along the ceiling in the main hallway. I found the Parrish Art Museum without intent and was pleasantly surprised.   


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