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              ykonos is mesmerizing, there is something mystical about the way the island made me feel.  I can vividly recall how the warm glow of the Grecian sun felt on my skin and how the cool breeze gently caressed my body, occasionally cooling me down. I found the most efficient way of getting around the island was by quad. The cost of the quad rental reigned supreme when compared to the cost of hotel transfers, and cab services. Initially the thought of driving the quad through the narrow winding streets and busy main roads concerned me, however I got comfortable on the quad in no time and began to navigate the road as if I were a local.


During my stay on the island I visited a few of its gorgeous beaches, my two favorite being Psarou beach and super paradise beach. I went to a trendy and upscale beach club on Psarou beach called Nammos, where everything was over priced and the service was mediocre which tends to be typical for many trendy hotspots. With that being said, I did enjoy the time I spent at Nammos. The vibe was nice and the scenery was gorgeous, I can thank my group of friends for making it worth the while. Super paradise beach was a lot more down to earth and the vibe was party galore. At super paradise beach I enjoyed delicious food at Jackie O restaurant, the service was great and a DJ played music for a lively group of people who danced near a pool that overlooked the sea. After eating I headed down to the beach area where I shared some laughs with friends and danced under the sunset. As night fell my group and I trekked across the beach to Super Paradise club which many people from the beach gathered near the bar area and danced in their bathing suits. Strobe lights fluttered across the crowd as people shared vivacious moments and over indulged in alcoholic beverages.


The night life in Mykonos consists of small lounges packed with big crowds of people spilling out into the streets. Late night you can find a gyro restaurant at every other corner happily serving food to satisfy one’s drunken hunger. I found myself indulging in chicken gyros and veggie gyros with fries after partying through the night. The food in Greece was exceptional. Some of the restaurants that I loved were Buddha bar, Bill & Coo, and Scorpios. At Buddha bar my friends and I gathered on the outside deck at a wooden round table that over looked the sea. I had green chicken curry that was to die for, my friends raved about how delicious the sushi was. The service was impeccable and the mood was set under soft lighting, the cool sea breeze paired with a scenic view of glistening  hills. The chef at Bill & Coo puts a modern twist on traditional Greek dishes and presents them on their plates in the form of art. As these abstract dishes sat before me, my eyes were unsure of what I was about to bite into, but with out a doubt my taste buds were pleased as I savored the robust flavors of my dishes. Dining at Bill & Coo was no typical dinner, it was an experience that combined flawless service with edible art that tells a story from first sight to first taste. My experience in Mykonos was pure bliss. There aren’t many places that I have visited that made me want to stay forever, however the charm of Mykonos had that effect on me and I count down the day until we are reunited.


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