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           nnovation and luxury meet in the all electric Tesla SUV known as the Model X. The revolutionary master mind behind Tesla is Elon Musk. Musk also has his hands in various other projects one of them being space travel. The Design of the interior is very sophisticated with a minimalist layout. Getting into the Model X feels like stepping into a space ship. When sitting in the first row of the cabin a nearly panoramic wind shield makes the inside of the car feel open and airy. The rest of the cabin feels spacious particularly in the 6 set configuration which is one of three seat options for the SUV. A massive 17in (43cm) touch screen display is used to control most of the car’s functions. The rear “falcon wing” doors open up and out and use sensors to avoid colliding into objects that are nearby. The doors also never fail to attract the attention of any one in sight. The car comes with three different sized batteries reaching up to 289mi (465km) range on a full charge, in the 100D battery. Being that the battery is floor mounted it lowers the center of gravity in the car which aids it in resisting rollovers. The car can be charged at home or at a Tesla super charger if you’re in a hurry. Being that there is no engine the Design of car provides ample storage space in the rear truck as well as a small trunk in the front of the car. The technology isn’t that of a common car from self driving functions to the self presenting driver door, driving it feels like driving a futuristic car from a Sci-fi film. With up to 518 hp and from 0-60 in 2.9 seconds this family sized SUV can give a super car a run for its money. The Model X has a starting price of $80k and can be purchased online on the Tesla website. 

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