ouvre Abu Dhabi is a majestic modern museum designed by architect Jean Nouvel. As I walked up to the Louvre I was astounded by the architecture. White cube structures in various heights nestle together to support a massive metal dome roof that seemed to float above the structures. The museum is reminiscent of an Arabian Medina, it is surrounded by water making it accessible by land and sea. The aesthetic of the dome roof is alluring as well as functional providing light and shade to the outside area. It is comprised of glass as well as 8 layers of stainless steel, and aluminum that cross and weave creating a pattern of over 7,000 stars. As the sunlight shines through the dome, it projects glimmering violet color stars around the plaza. My visit at the Louvre Abu Dhabi was like being in a fairytale dream and like all good dreams it was a pity when it came to an end. Leaving the museum I was in awe, realizing it is the most enchanting place I have ever visited.