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           he Jaguar F type boasts a sleek, minimal design. Curved lines meet abruptly with straight lines creating sharp angles at the rear of the car. At the front of the car the curved lines remain continuous as they bend over the long hood. The LED headlights form in a “L” like shape. The vibrant red brake lights start out curved then suddenly straighten. On the inside, the design of the interior is simple and straight forward. Aluminum accents line the door handles, gear box and steering wheel. The dashboard is minimal only displaying two gages. Huddled in the center console are Circular toggles and slim rectangular buttons that control most of the interior’s functions as well as a small digital display. I’m not particularly a fan of the display screen, I feel that the imagery looks dated and the screen is too small when using it to view the reverse cam. The engine in the F-Type I drove is a 340 to 575 horse power, 2.0-litre four-cylinder turbo and the MRSP of the car is around $66,700. If you are considering the F-Type, I would suggest buying a V6 or V8 for a more powerful car. Upon staring the car it lets out a boisterous growl from the exhausts, which I found impressive for a small engine. The car did handle very well, however I found the initial acceleration from stand still quite stagnant. Overall I like the design of the car and I had fun driving it. I would like to see a few minor changes to the interior and an acceleration that equates to the amount of noise the engine makes when taking off.


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