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             lbphilharmonie located in Hamburg, Germany is a magnificent structure. On a chilly fall day I arrived at building reminiscent of a gigantic glacier floating along side the harbor. My eyes scaled upward starting at the staggered brick base that flowed into beautiful blue glass windows. The curved windows seem to mimic the dramatic curved arch in the center of the building where the observation deck is located. This incredible building has an interesting past, it was once a large warehouse that was damaged during the bombings of WWII. With the help of renowned architects Herzog & Mueron, this structure has been reimagined. The Elbphilharmonie houses a Concert hall, hotel & residences as well as a plaza and rooms for music education. 

elbiphilharmonie 4.jpg
elbiphilharmonie 3.jpg
elbiphilharmonie 2.jpg
elbiphilharmonie 1.jpg
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