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       he Perez Art Museum is one of my favorite places to visit. From its beautiful architecture,

hanging gardens and spectacular exhibits, there's something that seems almost magical about visiting the Perez Art Museum Miami. As I frolicked through the museum stopping from exhibition to installation, I was captivated by an art work called "King for and Hour" by Lynette Yiadom Boakye. Boakye is an artist from London with her cultural roots come from Ghana. I found King for an hour to be a dark and mysterious portrait. Created from oil on canvas, a figure emerges from the darkness the gender is not easily distinguishable, the person is dressed modestly yet exudes regality and is posed wearing a cheerful face and what I would guess to be a ruby ring. Another artist whose work grabbed my attentions was Zilia Sánchez a Cuban born artist most known for her use of acrylic on canvas, she molds shapes from canvas that protrude from their wooden frames. These minimal three dimensional works are suggestive of the female anatomy. Sánchez's choice of colors are typically those of a muted color palette. PAMM has exhibited great works from many artist including Andy Warhol and Jean Michel Basquiat as well as many other fascinating artist which makes it a must see museum when visiting Miami.

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