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        he Norton Art Museum is located in West Palm Beach, Florida. the museum exhibits a wide variety of art. I was amazed by the museum’s collection with art pieces by Picasso like his sculpture "Head of a Woman", as well as pieces by Monet and many other renowned artists. An exhibit that I found very intriguing was the art pieces by an artist named Justin Brice Guariglia. The artist flew several times with NASA to study the affect of rising sea levels caused by the earth’s melting glaciers. During the missions he photographed Greenland’s deteriorating ice sheets. What i find interesting is that he has taken his photographic records of an unfortunate  geological phenomenon brought upon by earth's inhabitants and morphed them into a work of art. Guariglia blurs the line between photography and panting using materials such as polystyrene, gold, palladium and aircraft grade aluminum. From my afternoon visit at the norton i was able to admire works from the past and through art be enlightened our impact on earth's future. 


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