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           Hotel is exceptional

The aesthetic is impressive, the architecture mixes traditional Greek style with a contemporary feel. Minimalist concrete courtyards lead from the front of the hotel to the center. I spent a few moments in the court yards taking in the crisp Grecian air, gazing at the gorgeous sun flowers dancing in the wind. A beautiful pebble lined pool sits at the rear of the hotel, its open and airy deck provides comfortable contemporary seating around it. Midcentury modern dining chairs gather alongside sleek wooden tables in the dining area that over looks the pool.


Delicious traditional meals are prepared in the kitchen of the hotel. I ate at the hotel numerous times during my stay, I enjoyed savory dishes prepared by the chef which my personal favorite is the Chicken Souvlaki. The bartender concocted a home-made lemonade that I couldn’t get enough of. The hotel rooms were comfortable and clean. Grey wooden floors subtly contrasted with the white walls complementing the the clean décor of the room. All of the staff members I encountered were beyond pleasant and accommodating. 


I also had the pleasure of meeting the owners of the hotel who were a very kind, elegant couple. They showed immense hospitality and were very hands on with the operations of the hotel. Upon my departure of the hotel reality set in, the trip had come to an end, my head hanged low as the owners said their farewells as my group and I boarded the hotel transfer to the airport.

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